Occupy or Invest.


Suitable for all types of businesses, The Foundry 3 is ideally set up for the needs of the trades which require warehousing, lock-ups or workshops. High studs of 6m with roller doors provide ready access for trucks, vans and trade vehicles and CCTV and security systems ensure secure access 24/7.

Become Your Own Landlord

Not only will you benefit from capital appreciation, you’ll have complete control over your work space and your tenancy. The Foundry 3's flexi spaces are fully customisable. You can start small with an efficient use of space and expand with a mezzanine as your business expands. You can even lease back to your own business to maximise tax advantages.

The Benefits of Commercial

Commercial Property owners aren’t subject to the Residential Tenancies Act. The Act strongly favours residential tenants and disadvantages residential landlords substantially – including taking away the landlord’s right to remove a tenant after 90 days.

Favourable Tax Treatment

Unlike residential property, the rules for depreciation and the tax benefits associated with it have been reinstated for commercial property at a rate of 2% a year. This recent change is permanent and ongoing. Over time it’s a significant long term advantage over residential, and provides an immediate cashflow advantage.


As an owner, you’re not liable for the operating expenses, these are the responsibility of the tenant and are additional to their lease.

Double the Return

While residential investments typically yield 2-3%, at The Foundry 3 investors can expect initial yields up to 6%. Leases also provide greater certainty to investors with fixed terms and guaranteed income for that lease period. Because The Foundry is attractively priced at an in-demand location, investors will be able to generate cashflow positive returns from the outset. Over time investors will be able to increase their returns with regular rent reviews.